Football Manager Touch 2017 now out for Android tablets

For those who have secret dreams of managing their own football club someday or who spend so much time shouting at “stupid” managers while watching matches on the television, manager games are much more fun than actual sports games. SEGA’s Football Manager is one of the more popular ones out there, and they have just released the 2017 edition of their game, officially called Football Manager Touch 2017 and this time, it is only playable on your tablet.

Last year’s edition of the game had a phone and a tablet version for mobile use, but this time around, they decided to just focus their development efforts on a tablet app. And since it is on a relatively bigger screen, then you have something that is close to the computer game itself. It has an enhanced 3D engine that has improved the motion-capture animations, AI, and stadia.

It is also more interactive as you get “messages” from your staff, fans, and the media with your enhanced Inbox and an all-new social feed. All the other things that you love about football manager games is here, plus several Touch-only features especially made for tablets and real-life teams and players from over 130 leagues around the world. You can also opt to go straight to the results of your match if you think you’ve seen enough of your team.

The only catch about Football Manager Touch 2017 is that it will cost you $19.99. But if you love the beautiful game and you have money to spare, then this should be worth it. You can download it from the Google Play Store and remember it will only work for tablets.

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