Galaga Wars now out on Android for original game’s 35th anniversary

Anyone who has ever played a Nintendo Family Computer or any of the old console games has probably at one time or another played and enjoyed the game Galaga. Now as the game celebrates its 35th anniversary, creators Bandai Namco have released a new, more current version called Galaga Wars, and it’s now out for your favorite Android devices. Let’s take one more (or a hundred more) trip aboard the heroic ship as they continue the fight against alien invaders.

The storyline for Galaga Wars remains basically the same as the survival of the universe is on the precarious balance as invaders in the form of an alien fleet of immense proportions are trying to conquer us once again. They have high-tech weapons, wave after wave of fighter ships and of course the boss ship Galaga (no, the titular ship is not on your side, if you didn’t know it by now) while you have your fingers to do all the talking, or rather, fighting.

The game still has that retro feel that is familiar for those who have played the game in the 80s, while also appealing to the nostalgic emotions that the current generation is looking for. You will play as a Galaga fighter of course and face familiar enemy ships like the Bee, Butterfly, Scorpion, and of course Mother Galaga herself. You will also be trying to rescue captured friends and then turning into twin mode as you merge. Get to explore more weapons, including each ship’s 4 unique abilities.

You can download Galaga Wars from the Google Play Store for free. It has in-app purchases as well, although you don’t really need it if you don’t want to waste your extra money.