Gamevil launches Devilian, an RPG with ‘devil’ mode

Gamevil just launched a new RPG to throw into the mix of thousands of RPGs in mobile gaming. “Devilian” is a title based on the MMORPG on the PC platform which went by the same name. The game went through a short soft-launch period but is now globally available as a free-to-play game via the Google Play Store.


Devilian was developed by an outfit called Bluehole, and it is distributed by Gamevil. The game was developed using Unity (Unreal Engine 4), so you can expect the graphics on the game to be high quality – and from the screenshots, we assume that they are. The gameplay is simple to learn – level up, grow stronger, and pick up loot drops and collect better weapons and armor for your character. Pretty simple, but not quite.

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The gameplay has a twist – your character has a “devil” mode which they can turn into in certain times. The mode makes your character much stronger for a limited time, and it also presents players with a different skill set that they can master for certain situations. How you manage this devil mode is the challenge in the game.


Apart from the regular Campaign mode, you can try Raid Mode for killing raid bosses, and there is an Arena mode for PvP matches against other players. The game also has Daily Dungeons that you can finish for additional rewards. Check out the download link below if you want to try the game.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store