Gear up for winter with the Woven Touchscreen Gloves, now 66% off

Keep your hands warm — and stay connected at the same time — with three pairs of technology friendly Woven Touchscreen Gloves, now just 66% off the retail price. Winter is just around the corner. When the temperature dips, you could wear gloves to keep your hands warm, but that would mean you couldn’t use your mobile device at the same time. Or does it? Now anyone can stay warm and connected with a pair of Woven Touchscreen Gloves.

Woven Touchscreen Gloves are made from a soft and stretchy material that keeps your hands toasty warm in all kinds of cold weather conditions. Woven right into the material are silver coated nylon fibers that make it easy to use your smartphone or tablet just like you would if you weren’t wearing gloves at all.

Customers who take advantage of this offer will receive three pairs of gloves so they’ll always have them handy. Keep a set in your car, in your backpack, and at the office. They come in basic black, so they will look great with any wardrobe — and they’re one size fits most, so they’re likely to suit your exacting specifications.

Better still, you won’t miss a beat for the sake of staying warm. Text your friends, send emails to colleagues, or change your social media status at any time, no matter how cold it is outside.

Get ready for winter with three pairs of Woven Touchscreen Gloves, just $19.99 with free US shipping at Android Community Deals.