Get these futuristic, truly wireless earbuds [DEALS]

Love music? Get more enjoyment from your jams with a pair of go-anywhere 1Voice Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, offered to Android Community readers with savings of 55% off the retail price. The future of portable audio is here. 1Voice Bluetooth Earbuds provide exceptional sound quality in an ultra-tiny and completely wireless package. Just pair them to your Bluetooth 4.2 compatible device and you are all set.

These things are perfect for people who are constantly on the go. They are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your ear, but sit securely enough so that they won’t fall out. Best of all, since there are no wires to dangle dangerously in your way, you can feel free to move about and do your thing.

Though customers will receive two earbuds in this package, you don’t necessarily have to use them both together. That’s the beauty of a completely wireless design. Each bud features its own speaker, Bluetooth chip, battery, and microphone so each can be used independently from the other.

1Voice earbuds can deliver as much as six hours of mono audio per charge and about four hours when working with each other in stereo. They only take a couple of hours to fully recharge, too, and they come with everything you need to ensure a proper fit.

Free yourself from wires. Enjoy improved sound and the ultimate in convenience with a pair of 1Voice Bluetooth Earbuds, marked down to only $52.99 with free US shipping, this week at Android Community deals.