Google adds smart scrolling feature to web maps for mobile

Mobile apps are usually the ones being updated regularly but we haven’t forgotten the importance of mobile web browsers. Apps may be easier and faster to access and navigate these days but some developers are also working on improving their websites. One way to do so is to make mobile-friendly sites, with design pleasing to the eyes, and faster navigation with Accelerated Mobile Pages technology.

For people who still prefer accessing sites on a mobile browser, you will be glad to know that Google has improved scrolling especially for maps that require you to swipe and pan. The company has added intuitive scrolling for websites that have embedded maps for a smoother scrolling and mapping experience right on the mobile device.

Google has added a gestureHandling option to the current Google Maps JavaScript API which allows and controls touch gestures. The devs also improved on the fullscreen control so users can make the map larger than before that may result to easier interaction. Feel free to check out this experience and see for yourself how the fullscreen control works.

The Google Maps JavaScript API has been improved and is expected to benefit a lot of developers. We’re expecting to discover more about the API in the coming days.

SOURCE: Google Geo Developers Blog