Google and Apple unlikely to bid for Twitter

When rumors started going around that social network Twitter was going to be up for sale pretty soon, the two most likely bidders on everyone’s mouths was Google and Apple, given the probably high value of Twitter itself and the capability of either companies as well. But according to “sources close to the situation” are saying that there are no plans for Google to even bid on the micro-blogging network. Apple is also very unlikely to consider buying the company.

Cloud computing company Salesforce was actually one of the names bandied about ever since news came about that Twitter was going to “conclude negotiations about selling itself” by the end of the month. Their “no comments” prompted speculation that there was actually something to comment about. However, all this “frenzied interest” in Twitter may just be hired hands trying to create as much interest as possible on both the company and the sale itself.

Another company that is said to be in the running is Disney, although now some insiders are saying they will not be making an offer as well. These rumors begs the question if Twitter is still a very much viable company, why is no one taking the bait? Despite recent losses, it still has a huge database and amount of data that anyone considering buying it should be drooling over.

Some may be concerned about the regulatory and consumer headaches that come with owning such a company. It may also be that no one, including current Twitter executives, knows what to do with a network that is seemingly losing its clout. We’ll keep our ear on the ground regarding this story.

VIA: ReCode