Google Assistant finally integrated with IFTTT, channel now open

We know that IFTTT is getting more app partners and is activating more services. The latest of which is Google’s OnHub Router. It may be getting a new rival in the form of Microsoft Flow for Android but now, it’s expected to become more popular with Google Assistant integration.

Google’s very own Google Assistant already works well with the Google Home but IFTTT will make it more useful than ever. Connecting with Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue is already possible but with an IFTTT channel being opened, more services and products can be connected.

Your Pixel or Google Home account can easily be used with IFTTT. Feel free to create recipes to connect Google Assistant to other IFTTT-enabled services. You can view and begin saving actions like finding your phone, sending a note on Slack, posting a Tweet by voice, adding a Todoist task by voice, turning off Philips Hue lights, and adding a new Google contact.

Google Assistant and IFTTT integrations are said to be important because they offer speed and more convenience especially to those who always depend on their mobile and digital lives.

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VIA: 9TO5Google