Google ends support for Eclipse Android Developer Tools

If you remember your Android development history, you will find that years in the past (ok, not so long ago, but you get the idea) Google provided a plugin for the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) so that developers wouldn’t have to switch IDEs to start developing apps for Android. With the release of Android Studio 2.2, Google is now announcing that it is officially ending support for the Eclipse plugin.

To be clear, Eclipse will still work, as it is not Google’s software. It’s just that the plugin will no longer work. Google is clearly pushing its own project in Android Studio to be the recommended IDE where developers make their Android apps. That’s pretty understandable, if you think about it.

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More so when you see that almost all of the tools and thingamajigs in the Eclipse plugin are present in Android Studio. And then you realize that Android Studio 2.2 is a free download on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, so the arguments stack up against you not using Android Studio.

On the other hand, there will be some developers out there who will rail against this decision by Google. If you’ve gotten used to working in Eclipse, moving to Android Studio will take some effort. But then again, all the tools you need will be there, and then some.

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