Google Fiber acquires Webpass to add wireless capability

Google Fiber is expecting to expand its relatively small market as they have announced the finalization of their acquisitions of Webpass, a wireless Internet service provider. This means that their deployment of high-speed Internet will not only be through their existing fiber optics technology, but also now through wireless Internet, in a bid to compete against cable companies and telecommunications providers. Webpass is now “officially part of the Google Fiber family” and their website is now known as “Webpass from Google Fiber.”

Google expounded that the two companies actually share the same goal which is to “deliver a simple, high quality Internet connection to as many people as possible.” So they believe that together, they will be able to reach a wider range of places and people. Google said they are excited about the point-to-point wireless deployment methodology that Webpass uses and this is part of their strategy to have a hybrid approach towards providing connectivity to their users.

For the moment, there will be no changes to either Webpass or Google Fiber customers, but eventually of course there might be some, hopefully just improvements. Webpass will continue to grow their business just like they planned, while Google Fiber will go on building their portfolio, but this time with the combination of wireless and fiber, which on paper should be a win-win for the customers.

There have been rumors that Google Fiber is experiencing some difficulty in their expansion and that half of the company was going to be laid off. The construction of the fiber lines in San Francisco have been delayed and a project in Portland has reportedly been suspended. However, they have also begun signing up customers in the North Carolina Research Triangle, which is their 8th metro area that is receiving fiber service.

SOURCE: Google