Google Fiber TV app updated with DVR recording, remote control mode

Google recently released an important update for the Fiber TV app. Right on your phone, you are free to watch TV channels on demand or live whenever you want to. TV watching has definitely evolved the past decades. And with the advent of the Internet and mobile phones, we can finally survive even if we miss our favorite shows. Just launch an app, log in, and search for the TV shows you want to catch up on.

The updated Fiber TV app allows you to control your TV straight from your smartphone or tablet. Feel free to record the TV shows, episodes, and videos for later watching. You can also keep tabs of your favorite shows so you won’t miss any episode. When you launch the app, you can easily see the next episodes, currently available, or are scheduled. App can be integrated with your DVR so you can record them on schedule even when you are not home.

The Fiber TV app can also show recommendations based on your watch history and preferences. App will even recommend possible recordings to your DVR so it can record automatically. This way, you can have something new to watch as soon as you get home and open your app.

Download Fiber TV from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Google Fiber Blog