Google fixes Marshmallow memory leak, probably with update or Android N


Memory leaks are stubborn little bugs, and they cause a lot of trouble on your device as well. If you’re not familiar with them, these are bugs in the operating system code that cause your system to consume more RAM the longer a device is on, eventually leading to instability and unexpected app termination in the background. So, we all agree that these are bad things. Fortunately, Google has reported that it has fixed one of the most prominent memory leaks in Android Marshmallow.


The issue was tracked via the Android issue tracker as Marshmallow system memory leak issue 195104. Since last year, the issue was one of the most active, with multiple users giving it 500 plus stars. That is not a good thing, by the way. It means that a lot of users are experiencing the same issue.


Issue 195104 has been closed by Google, saying that the resolution will come with a “future release”. That can mean most probably that the fix will be implemented in Android N. There is also a slight probability that we will see the fix in an upcoming update to Marshmallow, but the chances of that happening are fewer.

This is good news as far as Android users are concerned, but remember, software development is not an easy thing. There might just be more bugs coming with Android N, we’ll never know for sure. We’ll just have to wait and see.

VIA: Android Police