Google Home spotted in a Walmart store before market release

Your home is about to get smarter and more “wired” as Google Home is now available from Walmart. Well, it’s not yet official but the device has been sighted on the retail store even before the commercial launch. We’re guessing some employee made an honest mistake of putting the units on the shelves. That’s interesting since a Xiaomi Mi box was only spotted in a Walmart branch ahead of official market availability.

Official release of the Google Home is November 4. Walmart already has the product so we know the scheduled release will be followed. Thing is, Walmart went ahead. Interestingly, the product isn’t available for sale yet when the source of this story tried to buy one.

Google Home costs $129. We know Google is slowly moving the Google Cast system to Google Home. We also know it can be integrated with Spotify and other similar apps.

Google Home with the Google Assistant directly rivals Amazon Echo and Alexa. Alexa may be more popular these days, being integrated with several products and services left and right, but the Google Assistant is more widely used. There’s also the fact that it’s from Google so the search function will be relevant and accurate.

Google Home is also expected to be integrated with other services and products especially that it’s finally integrated with IFTTT and a channel is now open.

VIA: Android Police