Google now lets you link your Android camera with Photos app

While a lot of users like Google Photos, we still have to rely on our respective devices default gallery for the photos we take. It would be awesome if we could make the app our default gallery but unless you’re using a new Nexus device, then it’s not happening anytime soon. But Google has been able to figure out a slight workaround as they have quietly updated the app so you can have a shortcut from your camera to Google Photos itself.

When you go to the Assistant Panel of Google Photos, you’ll see a “Jump from Camera to Google Photos” shortcut card. All you have to do is add this and go to the settings, then you can toggle them on and off whenever you want to. You will need to allow the permission dialogue box that tells you Photos can take pictures and record videos.


Once it’s turned on, whenever you take a new picture, you’ll see a floating camera over your camera UI. It is a shortcut to the picture you have just recently taken, and it will lead you to the Google Photos app if you touch it. So no need to take a picture, see it automatically added to your gallery, close the camera, then open the Google Photos app to view it there, edit it, label it, or whatever you want to do with it. Now you can just go directly to it from that floating icon.

We’re not really sure if Google planned to announce it, but apparently the update went out over the weekend. So if you haven’t updated your Google Photos app yet, do so now if you want this shortcut.

VIA: Droid Life

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