Google outlines what Project Cardboard has brought, plus top 5 apps

It’s not just news anymore, it’s reality, err… make that virtual reality (VR), which is here and now. What’s more, Google’s Project Cardboard isn’t just a project anymore, Google Cardboard a full blown VR division within the tech and information giant, bringing VR technology to the masses via affordable headsets and great apps. Here’s what Google has for us via Cardboard so far.


All in all, they’ve counted 5 million Cardboard viewers of different shapes and features – but all certified affordable and DIY-able by Google Cardboard – shipped to VR fans out there. And in the last quarter of 2015, Google has seen a 10 million increase in Google Cardboard apps installed from the Play Store. That brings the total to over 25 million installations of Cardboard-related apps.


While in that verve, Google has announced the top 5 apps downloaded by Google Cardboard users to date – this list includes the horror game app “A Chair in a Room” the top spot, the 3D visual storytelling in “Vrse” at number 2, “Lamper VR” is an action VR game at number 3, a VR version of the hit game “Aaaaa!” called “Caaaaardboard!” at number 4, and a VR arcade game called “Proton Pulse” at number 5.


All these point to the VR market certainly alive and kicking in 2015, and it’s only going to get better in 2016. As of now, Google has recorded over 350k hours of VR and 3D content from YouTube being viewed – a lot of people are viewing via their VR headsets out there. It’s a good year to jump on the VR bandwagon.

SOURCE: Google

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