Google Photos creates memories, highlights, animations, rotations

Google Photos has become a favorite among those who take and upload a lot of photos from their mobile devices and their computers. You have a huge amount of cloud storage, freeing up space in your devices, and a lot of features that makes it easier for you to manage, edit, categorize, and view your memories. The latest update to the app and service brings even more things that you can play around with, like creating memories, highlights, animations, and even something as simple as rotating pictures automatically.

Google Photos wants to compete with Timehop and Facebook’s On This Day by helping you rediscover the memories and photos you took (or uploaded) on this day. This has actually been going on for some time now, but now it’s also person specific and not just date specific. Somewhat connected to this as well is the recent highlights feature which is especially useful for parents who take a lot of pictures of their kids. You can send the best of this month’s photos to other users that may be interested as well (meaning, your parents).


The app has also been creating animations from your photos previously, but now it can also turn your videos into GIF-like moving images as well. It will even smartly look for videos that have some sort of activity, like jumping into a pool or a kid laughing out loud and then turn it into shareable animations. Lastly, it will be easier to spot those sideways or upside down photos as you will get a card that will ask you if you want to put them right side up.



You don’t have to update anything as these new features will show up in the Assistant tab of Google Photos when there already done and ready for sharing. The new features are available on the Android mobile and web versions.

SOURCE: Google