Google Play Services preps for Android Pay on Android Wear, Instant Apps

Google Play Services has just been updated to version 10.0, and while we don’t specifically have new things to ogle at, it seems like Google is putting all its ducks in a row for features that might launch early next year, like Android Pay on Android Wear platforms, and the Instant Apps feature which was announced at the I/O conference this year.


One of the biggest requests of Android Wear users was to be able to make payments “from your wrist,” which is short for saying that they want Android Pay contactless/wireless payments available for smartwatches as they are for phones. New text found in the Play services code shows that this might be near. There are references to “tap and pay” and “wear”, and also references to Android Pay and the term “your watch.” Look for this feature to be announced pretty soon.

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The Instant Apps feature, if you haven’t watched the explanation video above, is one way of dealing with the “getting an app for just one specific time if you don’t have it” problem. There are some content – articles or videos – that reside natively in an app, but 1) you don’t have it, and 2) you’re only going to install it to view that one specific thing. The code in the Play services app show that all of the activities, services, and a provider have just been switched on for Instant Apps. This means Google is most likely testing Instant Apps, and may be nearing a public launch.

If you haven’t updated to the newest version of Google Play Services, you should visit the Play Store soon and do that. These features should be launching any time soon.

VIA: Android Police