Google ready to combat spam and fraud with improved filter, detection system

Google will only continue to improve its numerous products and services. It has already ventured into the hardware business by unveiling the Pixel series, Google Home, and the OnHub Router. It may be just a start for the company but when it comes to the software game, it already knows what it’s doing. It wouldn’t be called the search giant and be one of the top tech companies today if it doesn’t know what it’s doing. The most recent step it’s making to ensure consumers are provided quality service is a series of improvements on the Play Store.

Some updates have just rolled out by Google for the Play Store in order to fight those fraud and spam installs. The company has always been serious with going against spam and fraud but geeks have become smarter and more sophisticated than ever.

Google said that it’s doing such enhancements to ensure integrity of the Play Store. Quality in search and discovery is always the goal so apps are being checked regularly for possible incentivized ratings, fake reviews, and fraudulent installs. According to Google, those strategies are clear violations of the Google Play Developer Policy.

Google has released better filtering and detection system for those kinds of manipulation that is harmful to everyone in the Android community. This isn’t just to avoid viruses from spreading but to make sure that only authentic and accurate information are being shared and used.

Once Google detects a dubious app, it will be flagged and filtered. If a developer keeps on adding such, they could be banned from the Google Play Store. So if you’re a developer, make sure your practices are legitimate. Don’t cheat. Don’t ask people to give you fake reviews. Google is smart enough to know if you’re authentic or not.

SOURCE: Google