Google reportedly got writers from Pixar, The Onion to boost Assistant

When you use a virtual assistant to get anything done on your mobile device, you probably would want to have it sound as human as possible, without losing the “robot” or Android feel of it (you know, because of that uncanny valley thing). When Google unveiled its Google Home smart speaker, it also wasn’t smart enough yet to respond to whatever you’re saying. What it basically knows right now has been written by humans, and apparently Google chose to hire writers from Pixar and The Onion to write out some of the expected or unexpected responses.

Writers from two seemingly diverse companies are apparently responsible to what the Google Assistant responds to you, at least initially. This was a move to make it as “relatable and human-friendly” as possible as opposed to just a disembodied voice answering your questions. As with a lot of machine learning products, the more you will use Google Home and consequently Google Assistant, the more they will learn about your habits, the way you speak, what you usually ask for, etc.

What’s a bit confusing though is that Google still refuses to give its Assistant an actual name (like Siri or Alexa) to make it even more personal. We still have to resort to “Ok Google”-ing it to get some information and answers. Maybe people would use the feature more if it had a cool, fancy nickname, which the folks from Pixar and The Onion will probably have fun naming.

Are you planning to get Google Home for your, well, home, soon? Would you want to have a more personal assistant, like a Jake or a Janice, or OK Google is still your jam?

VIA: 9 to 5 Google