Google rumored to launch the Pixel-compatible Daydream VR

We all know that Google is always pushing forward for virtual reality. The idea may have started with the Google Glass and then slowly progressed to VR headsets. The Glass may be gone now but VR headsets by other OEMs have finally entered the game. As for Google, it still has plans on going head-on with its own headset.

No, the Google Cardboard isn’t enough. Google has something bigger in store for the mobile consumers in the form of the Daydream. It’s more than just a platform as a Daydream virtual reality headset is expected to be introduced later at the Google event where the Pixel and Pixel XL phones are expected to be announced.

So the Pixel duo may be joined by the Daydream VR. We’re certain about the launch of the flagship smartphones and we have a feeling the Daydream announcement will happen. Rumor has it that the VR device will work with both Pixel phones.

The Daydream VR is believed to be available for only $79. That’s one affordable handset which is cheaper than the $99 Samsung Gear VR and the other stand-alone virtual reality headsets that cost hundreds of dollars. Actually, this is something expected since the Daydream platform was announced at the Google I/O a few months ago. As the virtual reality aspect of Android, it’s only a matter of time before the tech giant unveils its own Daydream-powered headset especially now that the company’s direction is leaning towards its own Google-branded products like the Pixel C, Pixel, and Pixel XL.

The Daydream VR may rival the Samsung Gear VR but Google’s version will come with a controller. You won’t find any touchpad navigation but just another controller similar to a Wii remote according to a report by Variety. We also heard that the headset and the controller are manufactured by HTC–same OEM that is producing the Pixel and Pixel XL phones. If that’s the case, then HTC may see some improvements in its numbers.

VIA: Variety