Google’s Project Fi now offering group plans for family and friends

Google’s Project Fi has been an interesting new player in the wireless service market, letting its subscribers access three 4G LTE networks, sending and receiving calls across multiple devices, and giving you no extra cost in case you want to use your data abroad. Now they’re introducing a new group plan for those who have a lot of family members needing connectivity or if you belong to a group of friends that want to save up on their mobile subscription.

The group plan allows up to six people to be under just one plan for as low as just $15 per month, as opposed to the regular plan of $20 per month for the Fi Basics. It contains the same things like unlimited call and text and it also switches across the same three carriers that they use. You also get the same data arrangement, which is you have the same $10/GB rate and you only get to pay for the GB that you actually use in that period. There are also no commitments or contracts so members in the group plan may come and leave.

Both members and the group manager will be able to access data on the Project Fi app, but of course the individuals will only be able to see their own usage while the manager can see the data of all the members. The manager can also set monthly data allowances per member, if needed, and even pause the data service for a specific member if they’ve already gone beyond the allowance.

Aside from the support for the newly-announced Pixel devices, Project Fi also continues to offer the Nexus devices. In fact, they are offering the Nexus 6P at $100 off and the Nexus 5X with a $150 discount to start you off with your group plan. Already existing Project Fi subscribers can start inviting people to be part of their group.

SOURCE: Google