GOTW: The October games rundown, for your gaming pleasure

So we’re back again – and we haven’t been regularly, sorry about that – to bring you the Android gaming list you’ve been waiting for. These next five games are our recommendations for this month, so you can tap-tap and swipe your boredom away. We know you’ve been waiting for a games refresh for a while now, so allow us to introduce these gems to you.

Faily Rider


Faily Rider is out of the Australia-based studio Spunge Games who are quietly making a name for themselves in good old family-friendly games. The game is a sequel to the quite successful Faily Brakes, and it revolves around the main character Phil Faily as someone has now given him a motorcycle to go crazy on.

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Faily Rider builds on the fun from Faily Brakes, and you will now see Phil’s terrified face as he shoots downhill on a motorcycle to face the different obstacles and challenges of the Nevada desert. The controls are pretty much the same – an arrow left and an arrow right at the bottom of the screen and you just tap where you want Phil to go. The roads are full of cacti, poor Phil.


DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Legendary Tavern


If you’ve been itching for an interesting mobile RPG, then Legendary Tavern might be the game for you. This cute RPG from Lath Games is interesting to say the least, and it should tickle your fancy if you’re looking for new features in an RPG. Basically, you build up your tavern and acquire heroes. You can then use these heroes to battle the baddies and earn gold, get loot, and level up.

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There’s a novel 3-screen system where you can just swipe from one of the three elements of the game to another – you can either spend time building up your tavern, you can explore areas, or you can battle. Just swipe left or right from your main screen. The game is interesting enough that we feel obligated to warn you it might consume a good bit of your time.


DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Maximum Car


This crazy racing game was made through the collaboration of Nicoll Hunt (creator of Fist & Awesome) and tea&cheese studio, and it does feel like the lovechild of two insane gaming studios coming together. It’s a racing game rendered in nostalgic pixelated aesthetic, filled with explosions and destructive crashes that should get your racing blood pumping.

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Just look at how the developers describe the game: “-a full-force, explosion-laden racing game, that will have you drifting and boosting your way to eternal badass glory in seconds. Exhaust smoke will come out of your nostrils and you’ll cry petrol tears of joy at the feeling of speed and power.” Need we say more?

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Retro Shooting


So it’s not a shooting game as the title might incline you to think, it’s actually a voxel-rendered spaceship top-down scroller in the spirit of 1949 and Sky Force. You have your pixelated spaceship and you navigate through levels, just shooting the crap out of the bad guys coming your way. Pretty simple gameplay.

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You may just find it fun to destroy enemy ships, but remember that retro gameplay rules are in play – you have the ability to upgrade your weapons and your ship by collecting the power-ups that fly around in the formats of green crystals and medals. Of course, better weapons just mean more massive destruction, so go for it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Halfpipe Hero


I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for a great skateboard arcade game that would not be too difficult to play, but also immensely fun. It looks like the skate gods have finally heard my prayer and decided to launch Halfpipe Hero to Android, made by Bitfree Games. The pixelated, cartoony feel is just enough to bring you back to the 80s and 90s, and the one button gameplay is simple enough to learn.

[embedded content]

There are a set number of tricks that you can pull off, but don’t worry – it doesn’t limit the fun at all. You tap the screen at different points of the halfpipe to get your skater to do different stunts. Tap just before your skater comes out of the pipe and you do a wicked invert. Tap the screen right before landing to pull off a grind. That all seems easy enough, but it is when you throw a 720, an invert, and a grind together that will probably get Tony Hawk nodding because you know he’s watching and he’s everywhere. Yes, he is.


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