Guard Your Personal Data and Devices with the Latest in Mobile Security

Advances in mobile technology are taking the way we exercise, shop, and communicate to the next level. However, such progress comes with a price as with each advance that is made, an equal number of scams and potential attacks come in their wake. Mobile users need to be vigilant about the safeties set around their personal information and devices.

Taking precautions when visiting unfamiliar sites, downloading new apps, and using public Wi-Fi networks is crucial, but not everything can be avoided by being careful. Sometimes bad things just get through. That’s why using security software in tandem with good mobile habits is the best way to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and device thieves.

With the old and new risks associated with mobile devices in mind, it’s imperative that security offerings exist to help stem the tide. I am excited to announce that the latest offering of McAfee® Mobile Security for Android is available for download with a host of new and improved features. Most importantly, instant privacy and security scans are now free and provide users with important insight into the behavior of apps installed on their devices. Users will be able to see how much information each app accesses, as well as its privacy sharing score, which is determined based on behavior specific to each app category. Any suspicious apps can be easily and quickly uninstalled with one-click.

The most recent McAfee Mobile Security Report found that many popular mobile apps are snooping on their users, including tracking location data and other personal details, as well as oversharing and even installing malware. Our researchers found that 82% of the Android apps reviewed tracked mobile activities, with 80% of those actually collecting location information. Of the privacy-invading apps collecting user information, 35% of the most aggressive offenders were also malicious, and found to contain Trojans and spyware. Apps that read a user’s subscriber ID (which is linked to names and other data that can expose your identity), track precise GPS data, and access text messages are especially dangerous when it comes to personal privacy.

Our McAfee Mobile Security app empowers users to know exactly what information their apps are accessing and, in turn, better safeguard their digital identity. In AV Test’s 2014 effectiveness test for mobile security products, the app received a 100% detection score for the second time in a row. McAfee Mobile Security offers comprehensive security and anti-theft features for both iOS and Android for free. The Android version also includes advanced Wi-Fi safeguards, privacy protection, call and SMS blocking and so much more.

Key features include: 

  • Improved Privacy Scan for Android. The latest version of McAfee Mobile Security instantly scans Android apps, files, SD cards and Internet downloads for suspicious activity without draining resources or battery life.
  • Frictionless First-Time User Experience for Android. For first time McAfee Mobile Security app users, the new seamless start up process allows users a one-tap activation, providing an instant and seamless security and privacy scan.  Registration is optional and limited to those features that absolutely require it.
  • Remote Scream Feature for iOS. With the new iOS release, users can use the scream feature to remotely locate their lost or stolen device from the portal.

Download McAfee Mobile Security on your Android and iOS devices today to get the benefits of our all-inclusive mobile security solution. Find it in the Google Play or Apple App Store for free.

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