Guardian Codex from Square Enix now out on Android, new RPG with card battle elements

So a lot more game outfits are experimenting with mash-ups of the collectible card battle and the RPG genre, and with good reason. The gameplay and elements on these games do feel like they’ll be a natural complement to each other. This is what Square Enix brings us with Guardian Codex – a new RPG with gorgeous visuals and card battle elements that should be interesting for Android RPG gamers.


Guardian Codex comes from the same team that produced Guardian Cross, a fully collectible card battle game with over 8 million downloads under its belt. One thing about Square Enix, they do love their graphics, and the visuals on this game is great. The gameplay is your standard turn-based battle game that you would have gotten used to if you played Final Fantasy.

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Your hero is a character that controls Guardians in the Codex. Guardians are fearsome beasts that you can capture in the high-tech world of the Codex, with the goal of finally bringing even just one out of the Codex into the real world to drop kick some baddies. You will fight monsters across the Codex map to control Guardians.


You’ll be able to acquire more powerful guardians as you move through the quests in the game. There are a number of 4-star guardians that are good to have on your battle team, and you should aim to get those. If you like your RPGs to have great graphics and familiar gameplay, this is totally a game to try. Download via the link below, the game is free to play with in-app purchases.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store