Hate Chrome 54’s new feature? You can turn it off apparently

Not all new features of apps and programs are welcomed with open arms (just ask Facebook and Twitter). What the developer thinks will be awesome will then be met with indifference, or at worst, intense dislike. It seems that a new feature on the updated Chrome 54 browser is somewhere in the middle of that, and a lot of people are wishing they would revert to the old one. But a tipster has discovered that there is an unofficial work-around for that.

The feature we’re talking about is the updated New Tab screen. Previously, you would see the Bookmarks and Recent Tabs when you open a New Tab screen. But with the update, they replaced it with an “Articles for You” section, which people apparently aren’t crazy about. This is probably because when you open a new tab, you’re not necessarily looking for curated or suggested articles. You can already do that with your news apps. What you want is to go to a particular site or to look at what you previously opened or to go to a bookmarked site.

So what you do is set two Chrome flags to disabled and this feature will be gone. Copy and paste the links below to the Chrome browser (not at the same time of course), tap the highlighted dropdown menu and then choose Disabled. You then should restart your Chrome browser and the recommended articles should be gone. If you decide you want to go back to it, just set the flags to default.

Unless Google figures out that people are doing this and changes something, even if you update your Chrome 54, the recommended articles should still be disabled. Let us know if you tried it and it worked (or not).

VIA: Android Police