Help a woman walk her way out of a creepy facility in ‘Lifeline: Flatline’

The adventure ‘Lifeline: Flatline’ will have you horrified and challenged in this new interactive game from The Green Series. Wynn’s life is in your hands so it’s up to you how you will handle the challenges. All throughout the series, you will be faced with different tasks. It’s going to be difficult though because you’re in an unknown scientific facility, trying to help a woman who has forgotten everything about her life.

You are Wynn’s only hope in life–her lifeline. This thrilling adventure will make you walk through those creepy hallways. Everything you decide on starting today will determine the path Wynn is about take.

This adventure game is by award-winning author Daryl Gregory. The stunning background music by Norman Fairbanks will give you goosebumps and all. To help in deciding where to go and what to do, there’s the heart-rate monitor of the character so you can know feedback in real-time.

You can play the game on the smartphone but you can also interact with the story through notifications and your Android Wear device. Game is also available in other languages from English to French to German, Russian, and Japanese. If you remember Lifeline 2 from last year, then you will understand what this game is all about.

Download Lifeline: Flatline from the Google Play Store