How to Help Your Teen (And Yourself!) Navigate Schoolies

There are many parents of teenagers who start to convulse at the mention of the word ‘schoolies’. The thought of no control, the all night gatherings and drinking sends many of us into a tailspin! But when your offspring are technically adults at 18, keeping them at home is just not an option.

Current research supports the power of the mentoring style parent – the parent who genuinely engages with their children and provides the resources and wisdom to tackle the challenges of life. But this can be really hard when all we want to do is wrap our teens up in cotton wool!

So (channelling the mentor style parent, of course), here are some of the ways you can help your child prepare and survive their week at schoolies using technology:

  1. Remind them that they can call you at any time – and mean it!
  2. Conduct a revision course for your schoolie (around the dinner table, so it’s difficult to escape) on the need to be careful of what they post online and the importance of properly managing their online reputation. Future employees will absolutely check out your teen on Facebook!
  3. Think twice before friending your new schoolie ‘friends’ on Facebook. Do you really want to share your online life with strangers?
  4. Look after your mates! Impress them with your tech ‘know-how’ and suggest they download a companion app such as Get Home Safe App. This very clever (and free) app notifies nominated emergency contacts if the user doesn’t check into their destination within 30 minutes of the set arrival time. It’s the perfect way of keeping tabs on your friends while on the Gold Coast
  5. Insist they download the QLD Policelink App which allows kids to report incidents during schoolies by sending live video streams via the app

If you are still in a panic and can’t possibly channel the mentoring style parent, you may want to consider a specialised protection service such as the Guardian Angel Protection Service which can watch over your schoolie day and night – without telling them (if you would prefer)!

But before you engage a bodyguard, take a moment to think about all the time you have spent moulding and shaping your offspring over the years. Don’t sell yourself short. This might just be the opportunity you both need to see the fruits of your labour!

Good luck!

Alex x

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