HTC Under Armour Android Wear smartwatch images surfaced

Back in October 2013, we reported that HTC was working on a smartwatch that was meant to be announced in the second half of 2014. Almost three years later, still no wearable from HTC. This HTC smartwatch was tipped to be based on the Qualcomm Toq but the Taiwanese tech giant still didn’t unveil one. We understand that HTC may not be giving it attention the past year but now that its revenue has jumped last quarter, it’s probably the right time to finally restart production.

Just recently, some leaked images of an HTC-branded smartwatch surfaced. We’re hoping this model will finally materialize. Initially called as the “Halfbreak”, this Android Wear-powered wearable is expected to be the first smartwatch offering by the company. It looks just like another round smartwatch. It will actually remind you of a Moto 360.

The idea is nothing new but HTC has stamped the Under Armour logo at the back of the smartwatch. If you may remember, the two brands have partnered to introduce the UA Healthbox. There’s also the Grip smartband. HTC and Under Armour teamed up only last year to create fitness related digital products.

Based on the images, we can tell there’s an optical heart rate monitor and a four-pin charging system. We’re hoping this wearable device is THE HTC Smartwatch we’ve been anticipating.