HTC’s September revenue jumps higher by almost 42%, sees good numbers in Q3

Thank you Google. That’s probably what HTC is saying these days because only a couple of days after the new Pixel smartphones were announced, HTC is already sharing some good news. In case you missed this detail, HTC is the chosen manufacturer of the search giant. The two companies have already partnered before, releasing the first ever Nexus phone—the Nexus One. There’s also the Nexus 9 tablet released in 2014.

The Taiwanese tech giant published its September revenue report and even before the Pixel and Pixel XL were announced and released in the market, HTC’s revenue for the month increased by 42% compared to August. Year on year, it went up by 31.3%. Revenue listed is at NT$ 9,332 billion. For the whole Q3, HTC hit NT$ 22.23 billion which was 3.75% higher than last year’s number during the same quarter which was NT$ 21.4 billion.

These numbers are good news for HTC which has been suffering losses the past year. To be fair, HTC has always remained positive amidst the bad numbers. Several products have been released in the market and yet numbers weren’t improving until this quarter when Google decided to let HTC manufacture that first Pixel phones.

We have yet to hear the official report from the company but we’re hopeful things are alright. It’s also not clear if theimprovement in revenue is because of the new Pixel and Pixel XL since they also unveiled other smartphones like the HTC 10 Desire, One A9S, and the HTC Desire 530.

VIA: HTC Source