Huawei announces Android N BETA Test program for Honor 8 in the UK

If you live in Europe and you own an Honor 8, be glad to know that you can try the Android N. It’s still in Beta but at least you can taste the chunky Nougat. It won’t be perfect but it’s better than waiting and being clueless if your device is getting the much anticipated update or not. The Honor 8 Android N BETA Test is being released in the UK right now so consumers can quickly share feedback this early. The goal is to identify the errors and bugs and finally find fixes for them.

Your Honor 8 must be on build number C432B131 to qualify for the beta program. You must be located in the UK with an active SIM card. Make sure that your unit cannot be bootloader unlocked according to Huawei’s Honor team–not even rooted or have a custom recovery. Signing up and enrolling on the program don’t automatically mean approval as applications will still be screened and then approved. The software update will be released via OTA before end of November.

APK and instructions are available HERE. Once installed on your Honor 8, app will ask you to log into your Huawei ID. Enroll on the Beta test and see if you can help Huawei look for bugs before commercial release. It would be an “honor” to be one of the few to test the Honor 8 running Nougat.