Huawei might be releasing a new smartwatch and tablet

We know that we reported that Huawei will not be releasing a new Android Wear smartwatch this year, but they didn’t say anything about a Tizen smartwatch did they? Apparently, the latest rumors about the OEM that doesn’t have anything to do with phones is that they will be announcing new products on October 18. That might include a new wearable and also a new tablet. These rumors are based on some teaser images that have been leaked.

While an Android Wear smartwatch may have been ruled out by the Chinese brand, this doesn’t mean they stopped looking into other wearable platforms. One of the teasers leaked features a huge circle, which may be the watchface and what looks like a strap, and the word S1 emblazoned on the picture. It might be called Honor S1, after the Honor brand, which actually parallels that of the Huawei brand but cheaper. It might also be waterproof, based on that teaser with the droplets of water on the “watch”.


The other teaser that was leaked may be that for a new tablet or maybe a new smartphone with a huge screen. We’re not really sure but based on a huge screen with a pixelated background of flying blimps, that’s all we can get. We’re not really sure how the image behind ties in with the tablet outline, but it seems it’s with the Honor family as well as it apparently says “An Honor tablet will join the show.”


October 18 is just a few days away, so we’ll probably hear more about this supposed new smartwatch and tablet/phablet over the next few days.

VIA: GSM Arena