Huawei to roll out four P9 phone variants this year

China Mobile is set to launch not just the Samsung Galaxy S7 but also the yet-to-be-announced Huawei P9 this coming March. No formal announcement has been made yet but a Kirin 950, 4GB RAM-equipped Huawei P9 Max was sighted on AnTuTu last November. That’s two variants already but now we’re learning that there will be four handsets.

We’re assuming Huawei will be ready with the other variants at once instead of waiting for a few months before the new models trickle in. If last year we saw the Huawei P8, P8 Max, and P8 Lite, we can expect the same P9 variants plus another one which is believed to be a premium version. If that’s the case, could it be a P9s or a P9 Plus?

The fourth Huawei P9 model is believed be more of a phablet with a bigger screen, more storage and RAM, plus enhanced cameras. So yes, maybe that one will be the ‘Plus’ variant. There’s also a mention of QHD screens coming to the P9 handsets but we’re not sure if that’s a good idea since battery usually drains faster with higher resolution displays.

Other information we gathered about the P9 is the flagship phone will have a dual camera, double-sided glass plus full metal body, USB Type-C interface, 5.2-inch screen, 4GB RAM, and a 3000mAh battery. Price point is at 2,888 yuan ($439).

Huawei P9

Mobile World Congress is the next big tech event but don’t expect the new Huawei P9 smartphones to be unveiled there. A source of VentureBeat said the Chinese company doesn’t want to compete with other brands. That’s a good idea because by then, people would be overloaded with information and images of new and upcoming phones that it’s hard to be relevant and remembered.

VIA: Venture Beat, MyDrivers

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