Humble Mobile Bundle 21 gives you plenty of Android games

It’s the 21st Humble Mobile Bundle, and these guys at Humble Bundle have come a long way – giving us games for cheap and getting the money to charities who deservedly need some funding. And they’re not stopping, not by a long shot. This new bundle promises to give you more Android games than you can shake a finger at.

As always, you get the first group by paying USD$1.00 or more – these games include Westport Independent, _PRISM, and Sage Solitaire (premium). Remember that you can’t pay any lower than a dollar now and expect to get games. This is the new limit that Humble Bundle instituted at the end of the year last year.

If you pay above the average payment – which is at USD$5.17 at the time of writing – you will also get these games: Ghost of Memories and Door Kickers, apart from getting the first group of games. Of course, this group always has a bonus game or two that they reveal within the week.

Lastly, if you pay USD$6.00 or more, you get both sets of games above, plus the bonus games revealed within the week, plus two premium games in Twofold Inc. and Goat Simulator. Normally, all these games would cost near USD$30.00 if you buy them each. This bundle offers you all of these at just USD$6.00. Of course, you can pay more to donate more to charity, that’s always welcome.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle