Humble Mobile Bundle brings BANDAI NAMCO games in January

It’s a new year, and Humble Bundle continues in its commitment to do good same as last year – that is, give your gaming money to charities that need it. Early this January, their coming up with a bundle of games from BANDAI NAMCO for your mobile device, and you get to choose how much you want to pay for them (sort of).

This Humble Mobile Bundle contains, notably, a number of Pac-Man games. Pay USD$1 or more and you get Crush the Castle by BANDAI NAMCO, PAC-MAN Kart Rally by BANDAI NAMCO, and Flight Control. Pay more than USD$5.00 and you get PAC-MAN CE DX.


Of course, there’s the “pay more than the average” group, which will add Ridge Racer Slipstream: Special Edition, Puzzle Quest 2 Full Edition, and PAC-MAN Championship Edition to what you are already getting, plus the promise of more games to be revealed within the week.

You can also choose the charity where you’re giving. The bundle is set to help Save the Children charity, but you can also choose a second charity to help out with your money.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle

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