Humble Mobile Bundle brings board games to your mobile devices

It’s time for a new Humble Mobile Bundle edition and for this week, there are about $54 worth off apps and games you can download with any price you pay. It’s up to you know much you will spend on this bundle of games and be one of the thousands enjoying new adventures until the next Bundle is released.

For at least a dollar, feel free to download Carcassonne or Scotland Yard. Three dollars can get you Catan, Splendor, THE aMAZEing Labyrinth, and more games. Your five dollars or more can get you San Juan, Ticket to Ride,and Galaxy Trucker . As of this writing, over 25,000 Bundles have been sold already.

Note that most of these games listed are unlockable. You can pay what you want but don’t depend on the value of your money because you need to do your part and actually play the game and finish the challenges. Don’t claim to be a geeky gamer if you can’t finish at least one of the titles listed in this bundle.

These are Board Games that most nerds love. Finally, you can play some of your favorite ones right on your mobile device. The games are worth over fifty dollars but you can get them for such a lower price. These are premium apps that you can download for a very minimal charge.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle