I Am Bread is a new challenging and addicting skill game for you

Who doesn’t like bread? No one, that’s who. However you put it, however you slice it and fill it, bread is as awesome as they come. So a game about bread is awesome by association. Built by the same guys who gave you the bloody Surgeon Simulator game app, “I Am Bread” is now available at the Play Store for your gaming enjoyment. But take note, this game is not going to be easy.


I Am Bread lets you control a slice of bread that needs to survive the challenges in its way. You’ll be facing toilets, cars, even goats that you need to escape from. The ultimate goal is to become toast, and all of these elements are just in the way, so you need to progress and escape from them.

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You need to be aware of the environment and keep your slice of bread edible by choosing the best route to get past the level. The game will make you go back to good old trial and error as you pick your way through the obstacles. The game is not easy, it’s addictive and gives you a right challenge. It will probably take you a bit of time to figure out the levels, so a certain amount of frustration is expected.


The game is available to download (link below) via the Play Store with the premium price of USD$4.99. You should realize by the fact that this is a paid game that there is quality here that you won’t find in other free games.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store