IFTTT moves from Recipes to Applets for a more advanced ecosystem

We’ve been featuring IFTTT a lot recently because more products and services are announcing integrations with it. Google Assistant was the last major service partner after the OnHub Router and the LG V10. It also got a new rival in Microsoft Flow so we’re expecting more IFTTT related announcements. More Recipes are also expected to be added soon but looks like the people behind IFTTT thought that some changes will be helpful.

Soon, you will no longer see Recipes as the company decided to change them to Applets. It’s not just a name change but a totally new ecosystem for partners and consumers. At present, IFTTT has over 300 partners and more are being added to the long list. There are so many things to do with IFTTT and we agree that the possibilities are endless.

The idea to move from Recipes to Applets is to allow more sophisticated triggers and actions. They’re basically the same but let’s just say the Applets are more advanced. IFTTT will be launching the Applets with actions from some major partners such as Google Assistant, BMW, Amazon Alexa, Piper, and Instagram.

Making the Applets different from the Recipes is the fact that they can be “embedded directly into the partner’s consumer-facing experience”. It’s goal is to become the “Paypal for access” as the standard in connecting gadgets and services.