Impossible platformer Mr. Jump finally available for Android devices

If we tell you that a game is almost impossible or close to impossible to finish, would you still play it? The popularity of the “impossible platformer” proves that yes, there are still people who would play even if the odds are stacked against them. One of the better, more slickly designed yet minimalist games in that particular segment is Mr. Jump, and finally, it is now available for Android devices after a successful launch for iOS devices.

The game has reportedly been downloaded more than 20 million times since it launched last year for iOS devices. Don’t let the minimalist look of the game fool you. The side-scrolling auto-runner has a “punishing level of difficulty”. In fact, out of the 168 million sessions that have been played, only 673 players have actually made it until the end. That should be a challenge enough for those who are up to endlessly running through a polygon graphics world while avoiding hazards and not dying.


The game has three uniquely themed worlds with each world having 12 levels: burning forest lands, Mayan ruins, and a futuristic level which makes it more difficult by having invisible traps. They plan to add more worlds and levels in the future. You only get to use one button in the game, by making him jump to avoid hazards like deadly spikes and force fields. You’ll also get power-ups like jetpacks, jump pads, and the “infinite jump” which will make you jump all over the place.


You can download Mr. Jump from the Google Play Store for free, with in-app purchases available. Goodluck and may you be added to the list of the handful who can finish the game.

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