Instagram Stories finally gets Links, Boomerang, and @mentions

Instagram Stories is a Snapchat wannabe but we know a lot of people who prefer it for some reasons. Originating from Instagram, this app is now getting new tools to make the app more fun to use like @mentions and Boomerang. The developers even began testing links inside some stories for easier navigation and discovery.

With Boomerang, you can make your IG Stories more fun to watch. It’s a special feature previously exclusive to Instagram but the IG Stories part is also now getting it. Taking a Boomerang pic inside Instagram is now possible. Swipe to your right to open the camera and to capture new stories. Under the button, you will se the new format picker where you can choose the Boomerang mode. Click on record and the camera will automatically stitch the images together. The result then is the Boomerang image which is actually just a mini video.

Mentioning your contacts within stories is now possible. Just like in Instagram, you can quickly tag and mention another Instagram user so they can see what you just posted. It’s the same now with Instagram Stories so your contacts or even strangers can be informed that you have new stories to show to the world. Just simply type “@” then the username of the contact you want to mention.

Instagram stories also now have the ‘See More’ links so you can see deeper what a person has posted or at least something related to a post. For verified accounts of celebrities or Internet superstars, you can see what’s the latest from the likes of Bustle, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, or Chance the Rapper for his new music.

Get the updated Instagram from the Google Play Store and see for yourself the new features and enhancements of Instagram Stories.

SOURCE: Instagram