Instagram Stories gets new Live Video feature

Instagram really wants to compete with Snapchat. The Facebook-owned photo sharing site introduced Instagram Stories to directly rival the other app. It’s a new way to share videos and Instagram is updating it with a new feature–Start Live Video. Simply swipe right from your feed to launch camera and record a video. Your IG contacts can then view your live video. You can video stream up to one hour while receiving live comments if you want. You can also turn them off if you don’t want trolls commenting.

You will know if your contacts have live stories under the “Live” section. When you see their profile logo in the stories bar, you will know they are streaming at the moment. Feel free to check out other live videos as well on Explore or see the “Top Live” posts. The new features Explore and Live Video will be available in all platforms and markets in the coming months, hopefully before 2017 ends.

Just like Snapchat, photos and videos can also now disappear. The videos you record and post will be deleted automatically. With the update, the direct messages will still be there but photos and videos will disappear once they’ve been viewed already.

If accessing Live Stories is done by swiping right, swipe left to see the to see the messages, photos, and videos. The posts with blue rings mean there’s content ready to be viewed. If you are part of a group, you can always see the responses in a slide show. You will also see even those who have viewed them.

SOURCE: Instagram