Instapaper Premium now being offered for free to everyone

For those who have been using the free version of Instapaper, the developers have good news for you. Starting today, you will be able to enjoy all the features that the premium users have been enjoying for some time now, at no cost at all. They said that they’ve wanted to offer all these features for free for some time now, and finally since they’re now “better resourced” they can already do so for all users. Premium subscribers will also get prorated refunds, so don’t feel like you’re being shortchanged.

Because you go through various social networks on the fly, you need a service like Instapaper to save your links for reading later. And having premium features will of course make it easier and more enjoyable for you as you save and as you read your saved links as well. For example, the Instapaper website will now be ad-free and the app will continue to be free from pesky ads as well. You will also now be able to do a full-text search on all the articles you’ve saved, write unlimited notes, and have unlimited speed reading.

In case you don’t have time to read but you can listen, you can also make text-to-speech playlists form your articles. And in case you want to read said links on your Kindle or Kindle app, you now have a “Send to Kindle” bookmarklet that you can use. You can also read them in Kindle Digests where you can save up to 50 articles.

Those who are already premium users will receive refunds and you will not be billed anymore of course. So, if you don’t have Instapaper yet or you haven’t checked on it for some time now, you may want to go back to it to enjoy all of these premium features, now for free.

SOURCE: Instapaper