Kemco gives you another RPG in Asdivine Menace

Another day, another RPG for Android gamers to plod through. More worlds to conquer, levels and bosses to beat, more weapons to discover and use. That is usually the lure of RPGs, and this new one from Kemco will not be any different – although if you are a hardcore RPG fan, you will probably enjoy “Asdivine Menace” as you did with all the other RPGs that came your way.


The storyline in Asdivine Menace is no different from what other JRPG’s will give you, so it is really up to you if you’re going to enjoy this. This is the third installment in Kemco’s Asdivine series. It builds on the happenings of the earlier games, but it’s not really connected. There is an imminent threat to the universe, and players will control a deity to seek out the cause for this threat and neutralize it.

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Battles are in 2D, but Kemco has gotten to a point in this series where it has refined the controls and gameplay to the most optimal for this RPG. There are the skills of your deity, plus the skills of the three other spirits in your team. And then there are the spectacular limit breaks, plus more weapons to collect and use against the baddies.


The game is available as a free download, but there is a premium version that will cost you USD$4.99. The premium version includes 1,500 in-game points available for the player as the game starts. Apart from that, IAPs are available. But it should be important to know that you are able to finish the game without spending any money. Check out the links below to pick up the game.

DOWNLOAD: Free | Premium

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