Kickstarter gets its own mobile app for backers

Kickstarter is now making it easy for you to monitor and keep track of the crowdfunding projects that you’re backing, they’ve come out with a mobile app just for that. Although this app will not be able to handle putting up and building your campaign materials from mobile, it will help users browse the current campaigns and projects available, as well as keep tabs and be updated on the ones they did back.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s one of those portals for crowdfunding campaigns for projects on the web. The downside to it was that you had to log on to the website for browsing the projects available and to monitor the ones you liked and put your money in. This new mobile app makes backing and supporting projects on Kickstarter that much easier.


You will now be getting app notifications and updates on the projects you’ve put money on. You can also now easily browse currently available projects – all of these in one place. A website is poor in the sense that it lacks the flexibility to do just that.

We’re hoping that soon Kickstarter will upgrade the app so that you can also build and pass your projects from Android devices as well, but that will be sometime into the future still, we feel. But you can still pick up the app via the download link below if you’re a backer and you like browsing for tech projects you can support.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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