Kill all the monsters by being powerful Juggernaut Champions

Sometimes, the only way to defeat a monster is to treat them with kindness until they are confused or bowled over. Or sometimes, you have to beat it senseless until it dies. Well, we’re talking about virtual monsters here right? At least the latter is the tactic that you will have to use when you play Juggernaut Champions, the newest clicker-type RPG available for you and your Android device. With just a few taps and strategies, you’ll be able to defeat all the ferocious monsters (and their bosses) that you’ll encounter.

The main objective of the game really is to kill all the monsters and their even more difficult bosses. You only have this directive: kill, destroy, smash, and blow away! You’ll be able to do this by becoming a juggernaut, assembling together a group of champions, and train them bro become the best team of heroes ever. And you’ll be able to do this by tapping as fast as you can and by combining various spells that you will use in order to defeat the monsters. Everything is pretty easy to learn and apparently, very addictive as well.


You’ll be able to play the game offline since it doesn’t require Internet connection, so play it while you’re on the road, camping, wherever. The graphics and animations in the game is top-notch and you won’t be ashamed to invite your friends to become part of your team of juggernauts (that is, if you team keeps on winning). You can also aim to reach the top of the PvP rankings so you can show them who’s boss.


You can download Juggernaut Champions, which is in fact the sequel to Juggernaut Wars, from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases as well, although they’re not necessary of course.

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VIA: Droid Gamers