Kingdom: New Lands now available on NVIDIA SHIELD devices

If you feel like you were born in the wrong century (or country) because your kingdom building talents are wasted on your current job, you probably let out your frustrations on games that will let you reach your full potential, at least digitally. One game that was popular on consoles but never was released on Android was Kingdom. But now its sequel at least is making its way to NVIDIA SHIELD devices. Kingdom: New Lands will let you indulge in your kingdom building dreams in its pixel wonderland.

Using a pixel-art graphical style, this game seeks to improve on the original game, as some complaints have said it eventually become boring because of repetitive gameplay. Now the developers have tried to remedy that by bringing the game to new lands and adding more features that should make it more exciting. But at its core is still the original idea of managing your tenants and merchants, building castles and then defending them from monsters and other rulers set on conquering other lands, and beating even the environment around you.


This time around, based on the reviews on Steam, they seem to have succeeded in making the gameplay more exciting, There are also mysteries in far-off lands that the curious might enjoy exploring, so you won’t just be stuck fixing petty squabbles and problems in your current kingdom. And in trying to solve these mysteries, you might just get yourself some new kingdoms as well.


You can download Kingdom: New Lands from the Google Play Store for a sort of steep prize of $6.99. But if you’re a fan of games like this, you probably wouldn’t mind. However, you can still only play it on NVIDIA SHIELD devices for now. No news if it will be available for Android mobile devices soon.

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