Klinker intros Pulse as a new SMS, Tablet Messenger

A new messaging app is ready to take the world by storm. Pulse, a new SMS and tablet messenger, has just passed its beta phase. Its developer Klinker Apps proudly announced its public release. The app is now ready on the production channel. and is expected to run smoothly after bugs and issues have been fixed already.

The Pulse app integrates with your current devices from your smartphones to tablets to computers. This app is from the same guys behind Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS. The devs have promised users an ultimate “SMS/MMS experience” all the time. It has a lot of features but details are scarce at this moment. We just know this will be an awesome app because it’s from the same people who delivered the apps we mentioned a while ago.

Officially called as Pulse, this new messenger app is similar to other text messaging apps. It will import your messages after you give permission and allow the app which will then provide an overview. App is also customizable. Adjust based on your contacts or set themes or organize threads.

Pulse by Klinker Apps offers quick and powerful navigation. You are free to send texts from any of your devices, customize per contact, pin favorite conversations to the top, archive unneeded conversations, schedule messages, and block spammers with blacklists. Just like any other IM app, this one lets you send photos, videos, location, and GIFs among others.

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Download Pulse(SMS/Tablet Messenger) from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Klinker Apps