Kodak teases new smartphone, probably to be unveiled this month

Their first foray into the smartphone market may have not met their expectations nor had it been a resounding success, but it looks like Kodak is taking another try at it. They have been releasing teasers for a new smartphone that will probably be unveiled later this month. While there are no concrete details yet about this new device, the teasers are implying that it will be a smartphone that they will be announcing this coming October 20.

The teaser, posted on the Kodak Phones Twitter account and taking over the website as well, showed a Kodak-branded shutter. Or it may also be an on/off button. Aside from that and the date, October 20, there are no other clues within the image. Currently, there are no rumors flying about this, whether it will be a high-end device or an entry-level smartphone or even if it will be a smartphone at all. Although it will probably be, since the kodakphones.com website has the image up on it.

Earlier this year, Kodak released their IM5 smartphone, which was really more of a mid-tier device. It had a 5-inch 720p display and was powered by a 1.7GHz octa-core Mediatek MT6592 processor. It was actually made by Bullitt Mobile, which helped make the Cat heavy-duty phones. It was released in the Netherlands, but never really achieved the sales or even buzz that the company was aiming for.

October 20, the supposed launch date of this new Kodak phone, is just a few days away, so let’s expect to see or hear more news about it in the coming days.

VIA: Pocket Lint