‘Legend of the Skyfish’ brings Little Red Hook to a marine fantasy world

Legend of the Skyfish is a new puzzle game that will get you hooked over the weekend. It’s another action adventure that will challenge your wits and speed to the core. It’s more than just a puzzle game as you’ll have to go on a journey with the Little Red Hook to fight against the Skyfish. Don’t be deceived by the name as Skyfish is one monstrous enemy. You will have to go with the Moonwhale to combat.

This game will also change how you look at fishing because you will be using the fishing pole as a mighty weapon. Along the way, you can upgrade the pole to make the journey more interesting. Discover the beautiful hand-painted art as you go through each action puzzle. In every level, you will meet enemies so unique-looking that you will never forget.

Legend of the Skyfish features 45 beautifully handcrafted levels and enchanting background music. Fight the giant bosses in epic fights and prove that you are the best and smartest. This will remind you a bit of Zelda but it a cuter way. You can say it’s a classic adventure of some aqua fantasy where the Little Red Hook uses a fishing pole as a sword.

Download Legend of the Skyfish from the Google Play Store