Legends TD game lets no one pass, now out on Android

Tower Defense games are a dime a dozen, but not all of those games are fun to play. It’s also a system of trial and error, as you try out which ones are actually fun to play and which ones have to be deleted immediately after trying it out for a few minutes. Hopefully, this new game called Legends TD – None Shall Pass will belong to the former. Claiming that this game is “the tower defense game fans have been waiting for”, it’s now available for Android devices.

Just like with other tower defense games, you get to command a team of heroes, use your strategy and wit in order to beat the enemies and rescue your village from these marauders. But you will also be able to use a whole bunch of “fantasy fire-power” in order to win, including things like rapid-fire archers, magic beams, cannons, etc. Since you’ll do whatever you can to defend your people, this could be a fun kind of anything goes game.

There are more than 40 levels that you can master, and they are in “fantastic worlds of magic and wonder”. Each world will have new towers to defend, and you’ll be able to team up various heroes, each with varying degrees of powers and abilities. You also get to encounter different kinds of enemies, because the game is only as good as its villains of course.

You can download Legends TD game from the Google Play Store for free. Of course there are also in-app purchases available, in case you want a little help with your game.