LG LV5 rendered images surfaced online, shown off by OnLeaks

A new LG smartphone is in the works. It’s not the LG G6 but a different one known as the ‘LV5’. We’re not sure from what series is this but it could be a combination of the V and the G5. In case you forgot, LG also has the L Series so the tech company may be mixing all three. Well, the LV5 is only an early code from the upcoming device but we’re guessing this is only more of a mid-range phone.

The information was shared by OnLeaks so we know there is truth to this. It’s only a matter of time before we hear LG’s official announcement or even teasers before launch. Steve Hemmerstoffer said that it’s a new flagship so we’re curious what this smartphone could be. LG last introduced the V20 but there’s also the LG Tribute HD being offered on Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.

We’re not sure if the South Korean tech giant will release the phone this year because it has announced enough phones already. Well, we’re in Q4 and the company can still sell new devices if it wants especially since the G5 didn’t sell much as expected. The LG V20 isn’t fully modular but it has received more attention compared to the LG G5.

Looking at the leaked image, the LG LV5 appears to have top front glass curves. OnLeaks also said that back of the phone is removable. It’s unknown if battery is removable or not but we’ll definitely know soon.

VIA: XDA, OnLeaks